Swedish Death Cleaning

Declutter for You; Declutter for Them 

Bequeathing Peace of Mind 

What Is Swedish Death Cleaning? 

Swedish death cleaning, as morbid as it sounds, should be considered more of a conventional rite of passage. No one likes talking about death, but the aftermath or period leading up to this eventuality can be a hassle for yourself and, perhaps, more heartbreakingly, your loved ones.

Death cleaning is a preparatory process that helps you and your loved ones face the coming reality with less trouble and more clarity. Every aspect of your life is covered (cleaned), allowing you to get rid of potentially disruptive possessions, gather valuable items, and take proactive steps to face your final journey.

Focus on:


Downsize your possessions by keeping only vital things. Rid yourself of those belongings that have no emotional, sentimental, or practical use to you.


Collect and organize vital documents and information for your dependents after you pass. Financial records, certificates, online credentials, and the like.


Probate and Wills require professional legal services. You should outline how you want your possessions distributed or disposed of by creating a last testament (will) and consult an attorney.

Postmortem Arrangements 

For the elderly or terminally ill, it can be very difficult to select arrangements for how you want your remains to be handled, arrangements for your final resting place, funeral rites, and whatever specific instructions you have. Making plans by yourself, or with your friends and family about your passage can be difficult if you wait until the end.

Talking Death; Normalizing Finality 

You can begin a realistic and healthy discourse about your end of life plans.

Death is not always the end, and for those you leave behind, your passage is the start of a new journey. As you age, you should begin to put things in place to make your transition as seamless as it can be.

Death is, without mincing words, inevitable. It is something we all face. Swedish Death Cleaning gives you a leg up on its cold hands. Take charge of what happens after you are gone: choose who gets what, what should be done with your prized possessions, your final requests for your body, and whatever postmortem wishes you have.

Don’t Wait 

Plan Towards the Unknown  - thoughts on:  PREPARING